Chocolate Banana Bread (Eggless)

Hi Foodie Souls,

Welcome back again to my blog. So today’s recipe was suddenly planned and that too late night. Well, to be honest with you guys I am not much into baking bread but somehow I always wanted to give it a try. So ya this is my first attempt which luckily turned out to be good and delicious.

So the recipe is the Chocolate Banana Bread. Now in the first place why a banana bread? It’s because the recipe doesn’t require any yeast which most of the bread does, secondly it is super easy to bake and lastly, it was World Chocolate Day. So without wasting much of your time, let’s get into the recipe.

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Kesariya Phirni

Hello, Foodie Souls.

Eid Mubarak to each one of you. It is the time of celebration all over the globe right now and nothing could be better to relish an amazing dessert that is the Kesariya Phirni. Basically, Phirni is a rice pudding from the cuisine of the Indian subcontinent, largely made by boiling rice with milk and sugar; which is on top flavoured with raisins, cardamom, saffron, almonds or pistachio.

Just to let you all know ‘Phirni’ is also known as payesh, payasam, payasa, fereni in other regions of the country. But the essence of having it is the same. So without letting you wait much, let’s get into the recipe.

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Oreo Cheesecake Tart (No bake)

Hello Foodie Souls,

Welcome back to my blog, so today’s recipe is my birthday special. It’s the No-bake Oreo Cheesecake Tart. Now, to be honest I am in love with cheesecakes ever since I have tried it. The rich texture of cream and cheese when blends together gives you all whole new experience and trust me guys won’t leave a single bite on your plate.

Before sharing the recipe, I would like to tell you more about Cheesecake. Well, it is one of the ancient desserts from Greece. A heavenly combination of cream and cheese (the most commonly used are cream cheese, Neufchatel, cottage cheese, and ricotta.) Continue reading “Oreo Cheesecake Tart (No bake)”

Mango-Vanilla Pudding

Hello, everyone!

Welcome back to Foodie Souls.

Well, Summers are here and so is the king of fruits. So today the recipe which I am gonna share with you guys is the soft and creamy Mango-Vanilla Pudding. Though this was my first attempt to make this one, earlier I have also shared the similar kind of recipe with you all which was Eggless Choco Pudding. I keep on trying new flavours which I can share with you guys. So without any further detail lets get into the recipe.

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Choco Mug Cake

Hello Foodie Souls.

Welcome back again to my blog. I hope you all are having a great time and amongst this, you choose some time to read my blog. Well, who doesn’t love Chocolate and when served hot in a form of a cake that to in a mug with some cold vanilla ice brings together all chocolate fantasies one could ever have. And today I am gonna share a recipe which can cure your long time midnight sweet cravings and I am talking about none other than a Choco Mug Cake. Ummmm sounds astonishing I guess.

So without wasting much of your time let’s get straight into the recipe.

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Spaghetti Pasta in Marinara Sauce

Hello Everyone,

Welcome back to FoodieSouls.

So today the recipe which I have got for you guys is Spaghetti Pasta in Marinara Sauce (Red Sauce). Since it was a weekend and I was planning to share something with you all, I finally ended up cooking this yummy pasta. Just for a brief knowledge Spaghetti is one of the simplest recipes to be made in Italian cuisine. And to make it even easier for you all I here to share this recipe.

So without further ado, let’s get into the recipe…

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Eggless Choco Pudding

Hi guys, Welcome back to Foodie Souls

Its been really long since I have shared anything with you all. I know some of you are always waiting for my new recipes. But not any longer, I promise you guys that from now onwards you will get to see 2 new recipes each week. Yes! you heard this right 2 receipe=1 week

So today, I am gonna share my all time favorite dessert, which is the Choco Pudding (Eggless). Since I am vegan, I prefer to make it eggless but you guys can always use eggs to give it a more refine texture. So without blabbering much let’s get into the recipe.

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