Hey ,there!!

I am Paridhi Kariwala, a 25- years- old girl living in Kolkata, India. I created this space to share me knowledge, experience and love for cooking and to try on new recipes which of-course I am gonna share with you guys. Now, in the first place you must be thinking why have I kept the name ” FoodieSouls” its all because we live in such a country which is famous for its rich and traditional culinary. From North to South or from East to West  different cities gives us a all new exposure to mingle with different flavors which fulfil our souls.

The bug for cooking bite me when I was very young, it really fancies me how my mother keep on trying new recipes in the kitchen. I was amazed to know that how a  mix of certain spices and veggies could turn out so yummy and tempting. Thanks to Mom for  uplifting my curiosity though. It made me a self-made chef when I was merely 12 years old and spending time in kitchen became my best pass time. And seriously, seeing your family and friends love your cooking motivates you to the extend of everything. It kept me contended.

I have a degree in English Literature and a Masters in Business Administration along with a Diploma in Digital Marketing but cooking is my passion and I always take out some time to try and experiment new dishes. When I am not working, I engage myself in researching new recipes, generating new ideas and watching lots and lots of YouTube videos. Apart from this I also love to travel, eat, sleep and watch movies.

You can drop me a mail at paridhi.kariwal@gmail.com if you wish to get in touch with me simply tweet me @paridhikariwal1 or if you wanna share any of your favourite recipes or wanna discuss anything in general.

Thank You so much for dropping by FoodieSouls.


Paridhi 🙂





3 thoughts on “About

  1. Mayank

    I feel it would be a great platform..I would too want to share some of my exotic self tried dishes..
    No body would deny..a utter disgrace food cooked by one does not taste such to the self..so good bad ugly whatever .I would definitely look forward to this platform..whenever my inside cook knock at the door..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sudhir

    Wow, such a nice thing. I really liked it. I have been very close to cooking ever since begining. Although I may not know the names of the recipes of all but yeah I can assure you these names itself give me an exotic taste. Great work really!

    Liked by 1 person

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